First Week on the Farm

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First Week on the Farm

da | Giu 16, 2010 | wwoofer Blog | 0 commenti


I have been on the farm for one week now, and so much has happened! My second night, the baby donkey was born. It was such a beautiful treat to witness! Now Arturo is frolicking in the pasture with the other donkeys. As well, we put up the fence for the new sheep pasture, and already they have made trails through the tall grass. I found that I enjoy gardening, and plan on starting my own when I am back home in Boston.

The farm is so beautiful, I take pictures almost every day of all the flowers and fruit, and of course the animals !I am very grateful for the  hospitality this wonderful family has showed me.The food is always plentiful, with fresh vegetables from the garden, and the children are always entertaining!

Post again soon!

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