Our first couple of days

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Our first couple of days

da | Lug 1, 2009 | wwoofer Blog | 0 commenti

This is the first time we have ever wwoofed..and so far it is one of our favorite experiences. Before arriving at the farm, we stayed in Rome for 5 days. It was very beautiful and great for historic sightseeing, but it did not have the same beauty as the farm. Here at Orto degli Ulivi, we are surrounded by mountains, olive trees and other vegetation, a variety of animals, and a loving family. So far we have learned some new Italian words, how to feed the animals, and how to mend a wire fence. The food we eat at each meal is incredibly appetizing. We truely feel that while we are on this farm we are observing and contributing to a wonderful organic lifestyle. 

We will write again soon!

-Katalin and Kristina

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